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Congratulations to the 58 Co-Captains of Nike Game Growers Season Three!

Co-Captains rose to the challenge of sharing ideas on how to get more girls involved in sport. With the support of their WNBA/NBA Team Representative, they turned these ideas into Game Plans to share with the world. All these Game Plans have been combined to make the Nike Game Growers Season 3 Playbook, a game-changing resource for girls to engage and inspire their community to get active.

Game Plans

The Brave Games
No Girl Left Behind

The Brave Games is an event where girls of all shapes, sizes, colors, and disability levels can join in to have fun and get more girls into sports! We will also be having guest speakers, food trucks, and an area where a local business can come and seek opportunities.

Girls Rule He World Plan
We Teach the Game, You Play the Game

We plan on opening monthly clinics for younger girls to get them started at a younger age and get them used to sports in their life. We also plan to educate the girls on why we encourage them to play sports. We will also be showing them the bright side of sports because they are fun in general.

Bring the Heat
Stop Being a Follower, Start Being a Leader

Our plan is to run clinics for girls who play softball and work with them on mindset and skills. We will also post videos of drills or empowering quotes to help them along their journey.

Fundraiser for Girl Sports
Play Like a Girl...

Our plan is to host fundraisers for people to donate sports equipment which can then be distributed among girls who need the equipment.

Be an All-star Camp
See It, Believe It, Achieve It!

Be an All-Star Camp will help young girls and boys learn different sports to help them stay active year round. Our plan is to gather as many kids as possible to come to our camp.

Multi-opportunity Sports Clinic
Sports Are Just the Beginning

Our Game Plan is to provide opportunities and resources for people to play sports through a multi-sport clinic that is free for all participants of all levels.

Girls Got Game
It's a Game Changer

Our plan is to start a camp called Girls Got Game to get girls active in sports.

GWS Bus Tour
Sports Excursion

We will speak to the athletic classes to see who wants to try or see sports that they haven’t seen before.

Encouraging Girls by Interviewing Athletes
Keep Playing!

Our Game Plan to get more girls involved in sports is to interview older girls who are athletes or otherwise involved in sports.

Gg Girls Basketball Clinic
Confidence is Contagious, Let's Hoop!

We will be hosting an all-girls basketball clinic that involves girls of all skill levels. This will include games, skills trainings, special guests, and prizes; along with fun activities.

Big Problem Solver
The Solver

Our Game Plan is to get as many women as possible to help us build programs for girls of any age.

Mini Me Sports Camp
The Futue of Girls Sports Start Here

We will have groups of older and younger girls who will pair up and help teach girls about the sport. We would make this about a three-day program.

Being Confident & Influencing People
Shout It Out Loud, Stay Humble & Proud

We will have a day-long workshop for girls to try out various sports. In this workshop girls will learn, grow, and discover more about themselves. It will help them be confident and assertive and know what sport they want to play.

Inspire Sports Clinic
Work Hard, Achieve, Empower

Our Game Plan is to hold a sports clinic in the summer where we can have famous athletes talk to the community of female athletes about their journey and give some advice to help them out. We can also do sports drills for some fun and bonding with the athletes.

Girls Magic Mentality Program
Every Shot Counts, Be Ready to Bounce

Our Game Plan to get more girls involved in sports is to fundraise and use the money we earn to rent our local parks and charge five dollars each game during tournaments at our neighborhood’s local high school and middle school gyms. We’ve also decided to have snack tables to raise money for equipment.

Multi-sport Camp
Never Give Up Until You've Tried Them All

Our plan is to create a camp to let girls try new sports and get an idea of new things they may like to do.

Splash Sisters
Girls on the Move

Our plan is to have a open clinic, a sports day, and/or an obstacle course day so girls can come together for a day of fun.

Girls Leading Girls
For Girls, Lead by Girls

We plan to host a Sports Fair. We would like to have female high school athletes come in and talk about how sports have impacted them. We also would like to have mentorship programs come in so people can sign up.

Grow With the Flow

Our Game Growers idea is wrapped around EXPOSE-HER to the game, mentors, leaders, and other girls who dominate the sports arena. We believe in order to get more girls to continue to play sports, she has to be exposed to the FULL game on and off the court. We will host game clinics, create interactive workouts and mentoring session, lastly we will get parents and community leaders involved to help facilitate our forward moving vision.

Big Sis Little Sis in Sports
Helping Build Confidence

We have co-created a girl-to-girl mentoring program for athletes grades K-4, mentored by girls in grades 5-8 in order to increase girls’ participation and confidence in sports. At this after school activity, athletes will learn how to tackle the ins and outs of confidence all while learning new things and falling in love with new sports and passions. We are dedicated to creating a safe and fun learning environment where girls are not afraid to be themselves and express themselves in any way, shape, or form.

Operation Role Models
Don't Be in Shambles, Find a Good Example

Our Game Plan is to spotlight more women in sports, that way more girls will hopefully feel more comfortable doing sports.

The Youth Movement
Help Girls Find Their Passion

Our Game Plan is to host a soccer clinic for girls in an elementary school called GYSC. It will be for girls in grades 4-6. They will learn the fundamentals of soccer as well as sportsmanship and leadership.

The Girls' Game Plan
The Go Getter Girls

Our new game plan to get more girls into sports will be to keep spreading the word and showing other girls that sports are not just something your parents make you do. We love sports because of the people we are surrounded by who cheer us up when we maybe miss a goal or fall. Our game plan is to spread the word through social media platforms, most teenage girls use social media and if they see a fun post of girls pumping each other up that would make them think “I wanna be part of something like that.”

Shoot Your Shot!

The Game Plan is to use social media to start a trend that will inspirine girls to try sports if they have not played or to play again or to continue on playing. With the help of a celebrity/ influencer or family members, girls will be encouraged to shoot their shot.

Soles Sisters
You Don't Need Wings to Fly

Our Game Growers Idea is to create a no-cut, stress-free running group for elementary to middle school girls. We would meet at a local track and get involved in a sport that we both love.

Mentor Movement
Tomorrow's Future Begins Today

Our Game Plan is to create a mentorship program for local athletes and alumni. The purpose is to inspire younger girls to join a team and continue competing in sports. We will do this by providing opportunities for the girls to interact with and learn from each other.

Seattle Game Growers Basketball Camp

Our plan Is to talk to boys and girls about how Savi and I became friends. We will also talk to them about how sports impact your life in amazing ways and will create new, lifelong friendships.

Move It for Mental Health
Disconnect to Reconnect

We will let girls know that all skill levels are welcome and have a space available at little-to-no cost. Our goal is to create a more playful space without as much structure or competition so girls can unwind.

Season Two Team Spotlight Videos

Checkout some of the Spotlight Videos from last season, of teams who embodied the leadership, drive, and motivation to get more girls playing sports.


The Class of 2022 Game Growers would love to share their advice with future Game Growers like you.

Brianna & Kamryn
Have fun and leave an impact on your community!!!
Dylan & Falon
Don't be afraid to use your voice because it is a very powerful tool that can impact the whole world and your Game Growers journey.
Izabella & Lindsey
Figure out what you want in life and go for it.
Evelyn & Alejandra
Never let go of the passion of wanting to help others because being a part of the Game Growers family is a way for us young girls to create a more positive environment for the next generation of girls - remember that a girl who moves moves the world.
Allie & Emily
Communication is key.
Carly & Luran
Believe in yourself, be yourself, and know that no idea is too small, so don't be afraid to try new thing and to work hard to make your idea come to life.
Aryn & Lyric
Be a good role model for the team you're representing.
Jaleeya & MaKenzie
Work hard to get all your missions done, even when it's gets tough.
Selah & Hailey
Keep doing what you do and to keep a positive mindset no matter what the situation is.
Myella & Ella
Be confident is your idea and remember to work together and collaborate.
Shliane & Sa'Niah
Stay strong and powerful because you got this!
Bailey & Lauren
No matter what gets in your way, you must always try your best and eventually you will succeed.
Elizabeth & Jillian
You are amazing, intelligent, and most importantly a boss - so enjoy the experience because time goes by pretty fast.
Mia & Harshdeep
Communicate a lot with your co-captain and WNBA/NBA rep, and to plan ahead!
Starr & Melissa
If you put passion into everything you do and take advantage of your resources, there is no limit to what we girls can accomplish.
Amiah & Sabina
Never be afraid to share you ideas because others may be thinking the same thing, so speak up.
Charity & Laila
Be available and participate.
Madyson & Sara
Never be afraid to speak and make a difference and to never waste your time with someone who doesn't believe in you.
Ina & Chikae
Never give up!
Auden & Pia
Be completely confident in yourselves and your idea because you are a natural leader.
Lauren & Anna
Make sure to work hard and be the change you want to see.
Braelyn & Lauren
When times get hard, push forward because even if you doubt yourself, you can achieve anything you can dream of.
Savannah & Bella
Enjoy this opportunity and stay up-to-date with your missions.
Trinity & Juliandra
Don't be scared to throw your ideas out there, embrace the opportunity, and have fun.
Amanda & Adelaide
Never give up, work hard on your idea, stay confident in your work and get out of your comfort zone!
Siena & Rowan
Keep an open-mind, have confidence, don't procrastinate, have fun, and above all, soak it all in and enjoy this amazing experience.
Savi & Letty
Be willing to take on any challenge and open your mind to new ideas.
Siena & Daisy
Recruit family and friends early on to help you achieve the missions, and let the experience be fun and not stressful.


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